Канадски Adirondack председател.

Made in Canada.

Designed for a Lifetime.

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New Colours & Models

Over 16+ colours and developing new models each year

100% UP-Cycled

Made from 100% recycled material and mixed with UV stabilizer for long lasting colour.

Hight Quality

Each product is made of multiple pieces which are which are pressed into a solid form to avoid cracking and splintering.

Weather Resistant

All products are made to last through extreme weather; snow and rain. Rust free.

Easy to Maintain

No need to paint or store the products. Just spray with water and wipe. All screws are rust free.

Long-term Savings

Save money and time. This product is made to last you a lifetime under proper care.

Less Waste

Each Adirondack Chair uses 579 recycled milk jugs

Experience & Know-how

Over 20 years of responsible upcycling creating beautiful outdoor furniture that lasts a lifetime

Easy to Assemble

Takes 5-10 minutes to build together using our documentation or watching one of our videos

Naturally Perfect

Designed to look and feel like natural lumber

Our Collections

Generation Line, St. Tropez, Stratford, Bay Breeze and more to come
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Journey of a Milk Jug

The Process

579 recycled milk jugs = 1 Adirondack Chair

We use high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, grind it up and then blend it together with pigment. The mixture goes through overhead pipes to extruders that then melt the mixture to form durable, plastic lumber. We also use custom in-house molds that reduce hardware and make our furniture structurally superior. HDPE plastic is common in bottle caps, milk jugs, and orange juice containers (No. 2 plastic ). We buy these types of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, grind it up and use it to make beautiful outdoor furniture.

We are a vertically integrated company that manufactures all of our products in our 300,000 sq ft facility in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Canadian Adirondack

Built for Comfort and Sustainability
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Beautiful Colours

Each year we create new models in different colours.
In addition, we improve the structure of all products regulary.

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Why we are "original"

We create "up-cycled" products. No other product is advanced as ours. All products are weatherproof (rain, snow), rust free and low in maintenance. Enjoy the outdoors without worrying.

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Our Mission

We use millions of pounds of bottle caps and recycled plastic each year to create our beautiful products. Our goal is t reduce the amount of waste sitting in landmills, especially in the oceans.

About Us

Where to Buy?

We are now established and growing with retail partners in Europe. We highly recommend visiting one of our partners or showrooms near your location.

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